A Random Smattering

Because it worked last time, why not, here’s another random smattering of thoughts.

The queen of England is way overrated.

So is the President of the United States for that matter. There are at least 10 people who are more powerful and influential, and half aren’t even officials of any particular government.

Holiday dinners are underrated.

Special holiday dinners doubly so. You know how much I’m looking forward to a Sunday roast?

Music has stagnated. Not just in terms of who’s making it, and what they’re making, but how they’re making it…it’s just disappointing.

Meanwhile, the underground spins circles around the mainstream. But the underground is constantly shrinking.

The Pocus Theorem: No sufficiently artistic work survives the light of day.

Corollary: The light of day is constantly increasing such that, eventually, no artistic works will be able to exist.

What a bummer.

Maybe the light of day is constantly shrinking as well.

Maybe encryption and secrecy are fighting the constant trend toward exposure.

I generally tend to think that transparency is a good thing, but that stops at your private affairs. Likewise, I tend to think that you and you alone are responsible for defining what consitutes “private affairs” for you, personally.

So the light is fighting, constantly growing and shrinking, exposing worthy artistic works while simulataneously destroying them…

Again: what a bummer.

It would be nice if we had smaller circles. Social or otherwise.

Shrink the roundabouts!

Really though, if we had smaller circles of discovery, instead of the one-size-fits-all pop culture we seem to have now (at least to my untrained old eyes) we would have more creative works in more instances.

I need to eat, but more on this later.

Eat your vegetables, people!

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