But Wait There's More

There’s always more.

I got the homepage loading when I had written the last post, but the individual post pages weren’t loading…why not?

After some inscrutable combination of hexes and other chicanery on AWS, i.e. IAM, I’ve managed to get a Hugo site on S3.

This took a fair amount of finagling. First things first, make sure your S3 bucket has the web endpoint enabled. With the REST API, there’s more to configure. I’d recommend going through all of the steps listed here, just to start.

There are other guides on the web, if you search something like “s3 cloudfront site”…basically, this was necessary to get SSL on top of the S3 site generated by default. Hopefully from here, things will be relatively pain-free.

We’ll see with this post.

[edit: it worked! :D]

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