I Am Alive and You Are Dead

The title of this post is taken from Ubik, a fantastic book by Philip K. Dick.

Bad breath? Is your mouth sending the girls running for the hills? Is your very presence in a room abominable? Fear not, friend: Ubik to the resuce! Safe when used as directed.

– My half-assed tribute to PKD

This post is about existence, as we know it, which is the only context we could discuss it in, come to think of it.

It’s about what matters, goddammit.

So what? What matters? What actually makes a difference…?

I’d say, offhand, my day to day happiness is what I should optimize for. Or at least, my average happiness over a rolling 30 day window. One day of bliss shouldn’t determine what I should do every day, most likely.

What makes me happy?

Working on stuff that matters, at least in my view, in that moment.

What else could I do, after all? Could I feasibly put good effort into something I think doesn’t matter?

What matters, when it comes to work? Work that makes other people happy? Who?

Is it the users? Is it the bosses? Is it me? This makes a big difference.

I’d tend to think that the users' happiness should come before my own, when it comes to what I’m working on.

This shouldn’t be taken to an extreme i.e. I shouldn’t kill myself to please one person. But it does make a big difference, working on something that pleases me vs. what’s good for the gander.

I’m done for now, that’s all.

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