The Purpose of This Blog

Why does this blog exist? To record my thoughts in near-real-time.

That’s really it. I mean, blogging was originally supposed to be for that purpose, right? It was supposed to be a “web log”, right?

It’s turned into something different, these days: a collection of howtos and tutorials and such, or a replacement for a portfolio, or a corporate marketing tool.

But how many blogs do you see these days that are just…thoughts? Thinking out loud? I mean, how often do you see something like Stevey’s Blog Rants, these days?

I just wanted to make clear:

This is me. Raw. Live (more or less). Uncut, with the exception of words like “shit” and “fuck”, which I generally avoid for the sake of young learners who might come across these posts. Sorry, moms and dads, for the last instance – I try not to be vulgar, scout’s honor.

This is a tool for myself, not for anyone else. I’m not trying to present some persona here, this is just my brain going into my fingers into my keyboard into my computer into your eyes.

The purpose of this blog is to figure out what the hell I’m doing, anyway. What it’s all for. What it’s all about. It’s me thinking out loud, for better or worse. I’ll try not to edit posts, except for absolute correctness of fact, and I’ll point out when I do.

Anyway, that’s me, folks. Currently listening to Dead Kennedys, for better or worse, wondering where this story is going.

The story being, of course, my current interactive fiction piece, not my overall story. I’ve got a general idea of the outline there – more to come…

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