A Series of Long Bets

This is just going to be a thought dump. And apparently, a series of “long bets”.

A random a stream of thoughts. In this day and age of polished tweets and professional accounts, imagine that, my god.

Algorithms are too in tune to what we like, and not in tune enough with what we might like. I’d like to get more suggestions and less of the same, thanks.

Cities are going to become largely obsolete as delivery networks become more efficient. This is not a new idea. They will, at the very least, look different.

Video games have become too obsessed with graphics, and not enough with playability and the fun factor. Remember GamePro’s “Fun Factor”? That was huge! That determined whether or not I would buy a game.

Video games are going to become more blurred with general interactive experiences as the technology evolves and becomes closer to our everyday experiences. We already play “casual” games without thinking.

I’d bet that by the year 2050, over a dozen people will have lived to the age of 150. This is not a controversial or conservative bet.

Teleportation will become possible in the future, possibly even within my lifetime.

“Teleportation” may not take the form we expect. It might come with a complete breakthrough in physics.

Music, at least popular, contemporary music, will be mostly computer-generated by the year 2035.

I will be wrong on at least 50% of these bets.

That is the last bet.

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